Blind Inspiration

I didn’t really know what blind inspiration was – when it came to writing – until I went through a break-up that changed my life.  And part of why my life changed is because I wrote myself out of the darkness.  In doing this, I re-wrote the story.  I took the characters whom I knew well and shifted their paths, found their reasons to grow and move forward on the pages.  I didn’t fully realize what I’d done until after I’d done it.

I’m looking for that same inspiration again.  I have an idea for a third novel and have done some preliminary research.  But I’m waiting for that hook into my soul.  You know, you fellow writers:  the reason why some of us carry around a notebook ready to jot down an idea…the reason why some of us like to sit in a room full of people, content to be in silence so that we can just observe.  My friends have started asking me, “Am I going to be a character in your next book?”  The answer is always “no.”  You won’t be a character, but your alter-ego might.

Of course, if you’re a jellyfish, a 30-something architect from Portland, a young man married to a Hollywood starlet, an eight-year-old boy, or a small-town teenager (wait, there are seven of you) – to name a few – then you’re already in.

But I’m open to new ideas.  If you can be the hook to my soul, then let me know.

3 thoughts on “Blind Inspiration

  1. It’s strange how we become inspired, and what events inspire us. Sometimes it takes a major paradigm shift to turn bad events into something positive. You are one of the few unique folks that have done this successfully.

    Hopefully one of your small town teenagers is a young punk with too much time on his hands, and constantly finds trouble, or should I say, trouble finds him. He has good intentions but ends up hurting people unintentionally while growing up. He eventually grows up.

    You’re very talented Amanda. Keep it real (no pun intended).

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