I’m a writer, author, and Colorado native.

My first novel, Touch, was published in January 2011. My second novel, Beacon’s Fires, is not yet published.

My blog is a mixed bag of personal essays, short fiction, musings, mutterings, and practical magic. As every writer knows, you need an outlet to write exactly what you want. This is my outlet. Enjoy.

35 thoughts on “About

  1. You write beautifully! I am glad you discovered that it was possible for you to pursue a writer’s life. All the best with your future endeavors! Looking forward to read more of your works.

  2. Hello Amanda! Beautiful words here… Please keep it up, people like myself need them like food and air. I am just embarking on the writer’s path myself (first novel out Dec 6). Oh how the process tenderizes the soul! Blessings to you.

  3. I started kinda late also,at 17 years old.My first writing attempt was on elegy of 60 strophes written in that day,was like it overflow :)).I write poems and elegies(long elegies hundreds of strophes).Anyway my humble opinion is that our writting skill sharpens with each month or year that passes and we write.Writing is a bless and a curse but I couldn’t live whithout it.Congratulations on your book and lots of inspiration on your novel.If we talk about publishing I can still be considered not on actual writer cuz I didn’t published yet even if I have material from more books.Also you made a great blog

  4. I love it! I’ve been writing and getting into the business of it. Today was day one as a blogger. I hope to learn from authors like yourself and perfect my craft. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Can you ‘touch’ the blue skies of Colorado, can you mentally touch the spiritual? I personally think the thought domain is as real as the physical, a writer must think their imagination is as real as the world we see…

  6. So happy to have found you! My family moved from Illinois to Colorado when I was 6, I came back to Illinois for college when I was 18, fell in love, and have not yet managed to get back home. I look forward to reading more of your work; your style and voice feel soothing and relaxed, and your stories bring me home, if only for a little while. Thank you. 🙂

  7. I just started blogging. Like just few minutes ago. I’m glad I found this spot. It’s such an inspiration. I also love writing but it has always been for personal consumption. I just thought blogging would help me.

  8. Hi, Amanda. Nice to have found you. I, too,leap around to the tune of a workout DVD, but I am relegated to the basement.

  9. I now find that anything can be possible no matter what you do. If the desire is there then the energy gets in line and things flow very naturally. I am happy you found the courage and the passion to write. You are the great writer you know in your head. You have a great deal to say, say it for we will be listening.

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