Gleam Together

I have a friend in television — a broadcaster — who has that cool rhythmic flourish down when he writes his stories.  I have another friend who used to turn out one witty results summary after another for our office football pool.  Even my friend who got her Ph.D. must have injected — after many cups of coffee and a staredown with a pile of notes — a certain style into her dissertation. 

And with any of these people, with anyone who picks up the pen with the intention to craft a fine, sparkling sentence, it comes to this:  that feeling you get of familiarity and honor when you read another’s work.  From a former dancer’s perspective, it’s like when you watch another dancer do seven pirouettes and then stop on a dime, a gleam in her eye to match the gleam in your own.

It’s that place without ego, when all competition ceases.  It’s that moment when the sharing of words is greater than anything else.  No matter how innocuous and unassuming, nor how large and encompassing those words are, we stop and grin and gleam together.

Love it.

2 thoughts on “Gleam Together

  1. Not published yet? What a shame. Your day is near my dear.

    You are one of the most talented/gifted writers I have ever known. If I could just get my hands on a copy of that first novel 😉

  2. Yep–I definitely had a style going for that dissertation. It was called “I will say anything you want as long as you let me pass my oral defense”! I thought it reeked of desperation–seemed to me to ooze off the page, but evidently that is okay in the world of research because it got the job done!
    I think I would much rather read one of your books!

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