Why Not

First blog entries are strange business.  They’re an entree into public life, a debut exposition of minutes in your day most people don’t share with you — the in-between space that’s not coffee with friends, lunch with your co-workers or working out at the gym.  They are sound bites from mind to virtual paper that are supposed to be interesting, capturing our quality and essence.

The question of interest and essence aside, all I know is that I am a writer.  And I was told this would be a good idea.  And in being told, I started to consider.  And by considering, I have arrived here.

I write fiction — novels and short stories.  My intention is to be published, to make a career out of this thing that I do.  And my blog is about what’s happening as I do it, the stories behind the stories, the practicalities of getting to where I’m going, and my thoughts as the world of writing spreads itself before me.

This first post — because you can never share too much grace or good fortune — is dedicated to Keith and Micha, who made it possible.  And to Kelley, who held up the camera.  And finally to Nancy Colasurdo, for saying “Why not?”

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